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Consulting Services

Our job is your business! Bleecker MCT main goal is to help you succeed. So we have developed our consulting methodology specifically to meet client’s needs in specific market. What we offering to you is expanding your international relationships, monitoring and full guide in adapting all needed business processes to international market needs and Serbian regulatory compliance, also providing politically sophisticated strategies for meeting the challenge of international competition. We understand the power of information and how it influences decision making, constituent relationships, fundraising, marketing, operational choices, and mission success.
Another segment of Bleecker service is to, through the engagement of professionals with both significant domestic and international experience, provide full service in the area of Development planning and management of complex projects.

Acquisition Support - Using a variety of proven, cost-analysis tools and scheduling tools, we are in position to provide you acquisition program management support—including management of all relevant data—to Serbian Government agencies and for commercial applications. Bleecker MCT can help. We have professional and logistic experience, capabilities, and tools needed to do the job—for all types of programs and for all life-cycle phases.

Financial, Technical, Legal and Environmental Due Diligence - In this specific field we can offer you one specialized due diligence coordinator. This person interfaces with all outside due diligence teams. He collects all the materials requested and oversees all the activities which make up the due diligence process. Our specialized coordinator is your person of confidence who represents the company, answers questions, makes presentations and serves as a coordinator when the DD teams wish to interview people connected to the firm. We can also provide all necessary balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements, audit reports, Cash Flow Projections and the assumptions underlying them etc.

Business Planning - A business which wants to attract foreign investments must present a business plan. But a business plan is the equivalent of a visit card. The introduction is very important - but, once the foreign investor has expressed interest, a second, more serious, more onerous and more tedious process commences is business plan, and that is exactly what Bleecker MCT can offer.

Feasibility Studies - A feasibility study is designed to discover if a business is "feasible" or not. It will answer questions such as "will it work or won't it?" and "will it be profitable?" It is an essential first step before spending money and time on more detailed plans. Bleecker MCT take care your money not be wasted and provide you all needed data, details, business idea, critical factors, market analyses, resource requirements, financial viability and capital requirements. That goes with Evaluate and compares the attractiveness of the market in the country, dentify growth segments and opportunities in each industry sector within the country, analyze the competitiveness of the market in the country and identify hotspots.

Head Hunting - Our executive search and selection service is tailored to accommodate our client's specific requirements, not based on a rigid formula. We work with you on what we do best, we listen and advise you al the time. Bleecker MCT work swiftly and with discretion during the whole search and selection process. Our service consists in connecting managers, politician and specialists, and in identifying any specific profile or specific person u need to contact.

Analysis of Investment Opportunities - It understand an essential source for in-depth information and data relating into market. It also offers detailed and comprehensive coverage of market, revenue, volume, distribution and company share information; and latest news, financial deals and pipeline products information of each of the key sub-segments of the international market.

Finance Raising - Rapidly growing businesses looking to fund further growth or make acquisitions are not always able to finance their plans from cash flow alone. Similarly, managers are looking to buy-in to a business or those looking to buy-out a business from its current owners, may not have the means to achieve this on their own. They will need to raise external finance. Bleecker MCT help you assess finance options, understand the risks and secure the right arrangement for your situation. We work with a variety of funders including venture capital providers, banks, asset-based lenders and grant providers such as local development agencies.

ISO Standard Implementation - This is a big project, and most companies may not know where they fit into it. Be sure to communicate your plan, and to provide adequate training for employees. Train them on what this system will do for them. How will it make their job easier?
Help your employees and Bleecker MCT will help you.

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