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Foreign Trade Services

Corporate Representation - We guide clients at every stage of business development including formation and growth stage counseling. We can advise business clients from the initial conference and entity decision-making, through document preparation and filing with appropriate authorities, to post-formation activities such as preparation and adoption of bylaws and director/shareholder resolutions. We also handle asset purchase agreements and non-competition issues.

Foreign and Domestic Customer Identification - We covering different aspects of customer identification. Section A describes what types of information should be collected and verified for natural persons seeking to open accounts or perform transactions. Section B describes what types of information should be collected and verified for institutions and is in two parts, the first relating to corporate vehicles and the second to other types of institutions.

Business Planning - A business which wants to attract foreign investments must present a business plan. But a business plan is the equivalent of a visit card. The introduction is very important - but, once the foreign investor has expressed interest, a second, more serious, more onerous and more tedious process commences is business plan, and that is exactly what Bleecker MCT can offer.

Feasibility Studies - A feasibility study is designed to discover if a business is "feasible" or not. It will answer questions such as "will it work or won't it?" and "will it be profitable?" It is an essential first step before spending money and time on more detailed plans. Bleecker MCT take care your money not be wasted and provide you all needed data, details, business idea, critical factors, market analyses, resource requirements, financial viability and capital requirements. That goes with Evaluate and compares the attractiveness of the market in the country, dentify growth segments and opportunities in each industry sector within the country, analyze the competitiveness of the market in the country and identify hotspots.

Head Hunting - Our executive search and selection service is tailored to accommodate our client's specific requirements, not based on a rigid formula. We work with you on what we do best, we listen and advise you al the time. Bleecker MCT work swiftly and with discretion during the whole search and selection process. Our service consists in connecting managers, politician and specialists, and in identifying any specific profile or specific person u need to contact.

Negotiation Support - Bleecker provides executive with the critical information and counsel required to effectively negotiate strategic and corporate agreements.

Barter Deals - Keep your production costs low by acquiring low cost goods and services, optimize your operational capacity with low cost facilities and services enabling your enterprise to operate more efficiently, increase your profit margins with barter deals at marginal cost, manage in a more dynamic and creative way the whereabouts of the life cycle of the enterprise's resources and assets build up a capacity of acquiring other goods or or services which you need (trough exchange proper or by reselling to known customers the products obtained from these deals).

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